Our Vision

We want to renew the Pavilion to be the wonderful community asset and focus of remembrance building originally intended.

Snettisham has thriving Cricket and Football Clubs catering for all ages with quality local coaching and support provided by enthusiastic volunteers who have undertaken all the appropriate training.  Both these use the sports field alongside the adjacent village primary school’s pupils, other physical activity and social groups and mass community events.

However, despite the Pavilion being well-used and well-loved the intervening years have not been kind and these groups efforts are now taking place despite of, not supported by it and it is now showing its advanced age. Sadly as well as visible wear and tear the Pavilion does not meet modern standards or regulations in several key areas, severely restricting its current use, including; Health and Safety, Child Protection, Disability friendly building access, Disabled participant facilities, changing facilities for everyone (both of these preventing inclusive access to sport), appropriate toilet and shower facilities and adequate provision for visiting teams and officials.  The size of the building also restricts any wider use as a community space, social interaction pre and post events or it fully supporting mass events on the field. It is for these very reasons that the adjacent village primary school can no longer use the Pavilion for changing, nor can they or Snettisham club’s regularly hold multi-team tournaments (either mixed or single sex) going ‘away’ to such.

In 2020 a group was formed comprised of representatives of the operating charity (Memorial Hall Trust), Parish Council, Cricket and Football Clubs and members of the local community to restore the Pavilion and address the multiple serious issues as sympathetically as possible. Local firm Atelier Architectural Designers were brought in to design a building fit for modern requirements using suitable materials and retaining the original footprint and key features of the original well-loved building. With the building’s close proximity to the school building out backwards was not an option and building to the sides or front at ground level would alter the original fabric and design substantially. The preferred option settled upon being to  ‘go upwards’ altering the pitch of the roof whilst retaining the original tile design and adding a balconied space to the front effectively creating an additional floor area that with clever re-working of the existing interior would facilitate the necessary enhancements. This design was given planning permission in the summer of 2021 with the support of all statutory consultees and local residents.

It is our Vision to have the Pavilion renewed, opened and blessed once more in use in time for its significant 75th  anniversary in 2025. This is a huge undertaking due to the scale of the works and we need to raise c.£500K to do so.

However, we believe our brilliant community and businesses, alongside our great team can draw together to achieve this both for our generation and future villagers – mirroring and honouring the achievement of those before us who funded it and built it for us originally.