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Pavilion Project Meeting Minutes 17-01-24


HELD ON 17th January 2024 7.00pm at PARK FARM VISITOR CENTRE

Attendees: Edward Stanton (ES), Stuart Allsop (SA), Peter Bradshaw (PB), Tim Clarey (TC),
Dave Bocking (DB), Stuart Dark (SD), Julie Smith (JS), Jonathan Forder (JF), Steve Sharp (SS)

ES welcomed everybody to the Park Farm Visitors Centre. He followed with an update as to
the position he felt the Steering Group were at with the project, since its launch 2 years ago.
Whilst progress was still being made, he particularly thanked Stuart Dark for his initiates to
date securing over £220,000 towards the project.

He went on to thank everybody else for their continued support and felt encouraged by the
enthusiasm, albeit we had had a few disappointments along the way. There were a number
of new initiatives in place for the year and felt, as did all the Steering Group, optimistic for
the future.

Ed Herbert, Martin Herbert

Minutes were approved.

PB confirmed that Fairway Accountants were prepared to give advice on VAT matters in
consideration for a fee of £500. SA presented PB with correspondence he had previously
received from Websters regarding VAT from previous enquiries. PB to explore.

DB & JS reported that the Parish Council were enquiring as to what stage we were at with
the project. JS asked if an update could be presented to the PC.
PB also mentioned the MHT were enquiring to our position and felt more transparency
would be helpful, especially in areas as timescales and secured funding, and if a plan B had
been considered.

All present were fully committed to transparency and ES and JF would attend the next MHT
meeting to fully explain the position we are at to date.

SS mentioned it was important to proceed with plan A as all the proposed improvements
were needed to satisfy current regulations and requirements for recreation activities, as
well as satisfying the planning permission we had approved. All agreed.
ES would prepare a full and comprehensive report which will be presented to the PC and all
other interested parties.

SD gave a report regarding the fundraising event being held at Kings Lynn Historic Town Hall
which in the presence of Lord and Lady Dannatt, the Mayor of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk,
together with other local dignitaries which will promote our project as well as raise funds.
A big thank you was given to Kerry Dark and Ali Gee for arranging the event, and invitations
were now be sent out. Tickets were available and all were optimistic that it would be
wonderful event. SD mentioned that Town and Country, the local free newspaper, would be
reporting an article of the event.

JF reported that letters were going out to funding institutions around the country and that
SD would monitor with him, and report accordingly. A list of potential funders was
presented by JF

JS agreed to help lobbying local businesses for financial support.
SD advised that by securing of over £220,000 to date would be helpful in showing other
potential funders our intent and commitment to the project.

SS was looking to start preparing Working Drawings with structural calculations to secure
Building Regulation approval. An asbestos report was also being prepared.
It was agreed that SS would put a selected list of contractors forward for consideration, in
line with the requirement of three tenderers for the works.

PB gave an up-to-date report on the fundraising which stands at £223,757.48.
Monies for the working drawings, structural calculation, asbestos report and enabling works
will be drawn down from the Borough Council Grant.
The Business Plan showing the likely usages, including potential income and expenditures of
the renovated pavilion, was being progressed.

TC felt encouraged by the response to all proposals and confirmed the Cricket Club were
engaging in fund raising activities to support the project.
PB confirmed we would be carrying out car boot sales on the bank holidays of 6th and 27th
May together with 26th August. All support would be welcome.
Meeting ended 9pm.


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